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EdgeWorks is a strategy and management company with a key focus on project/program/portfolio management,issue resolution, and paradigm-shifting technologies such as cyber security/warfare. We take the hassle out of hiring long-term highly skilled technical consultants and contractors, while employing effective knowledge sharing techniques benefiting the client (company/government agency) as well as employees. For the client, EdgeWorks lowers overhead and administrative costs. For the employee, all insurance and benefits are managed, and a steady employment history is maintained regardless of layoffs and other fluctuations in the market place. Our consultants' continuing education, certifications, and communication skills are very important to us. We take a matrixed approach to knowledge management. When a company hires an EdgeWorks consultant, the company gets that individual's talents and skills, and also the knowledge of all other EdgeWorks consultants. We encourage our consultants to exchange information with one another in real-time, thereby applying a synergistic approach where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Of course, confidential and proprietary information is kept in the strictest confidence.

EdgeWorks was founded by a prospective MBA/product developer and manager, a senior project manager/network engineer, and a wireless/Internet programmer. The management team's varied background lends an incredible strength to organizational stability and focus. Years of hands-on experience lead to an in-depth understanding of clients' needs and respective optimized solutions, while the system of collaboration among EdgeWorks employees sustains superior employee motivation, up-to-date skills and an unequaled knowledge base.

Management Team

Michael D. Farley, Chairman of the Board & CEO




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