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News Release – 28-Aug-2001  


EdgeWorks, Inc. Offers
Wireless Applications Development and Staffing Solutions for Corporations and Government Agencies

- Mike Farley Named CEO -




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McLean, Va. August 28, 2001 – McLean, Va.-based EdgeWorks, Inc., formed in March of 2001, today announced it is developing wireless applications and offering consulting and long-term contracting staffing solutions to corporate and government clients. The applications are customized per the clients’ specifications with a focus on development of wireless forms. An example of this technology is demonstrated in the handheld voting application that allows taxpayers to vote online via their handheld devices (Palm, Handspring, etc.), thereby preventing the need to sit down at a computer or travel to a voting booth. If the voter has questions regarding how to use the form, he/she may open the online database of questions and answers (which can be pre-approved by Democrat and Republican representatives to ensure accuracy and compliance); in case the question is not in the database, the user may send a question directly to a representative of the voting booth and receive a reply in real time. This application helps the government agency meet Federal guidelines such as the Modernization Act and Paperwork Reduction Act. The taxpayer (voter) benefits by not having to travel to a voting booth and stand in line to place a vote. EdgeWorks, Inc. also announced Mike Farley to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer, with responsibility for overall strategic planning, marketing, and business development for the new company.

"The conversion of online forms currently used by corporations and government agencies to a format easily used on handheld devices will become vital to maintaining competitive advantage. Wireless forms go a long way toward increasing employee and taxpayer efficiencies/satisfaction, ROI, and end-user perception of institutions’ continuing progress in employing modern technology to improve operations. By enabling end-users to fill out forms on their handheld devices, critical reports may be submitted directly to decision makers instantaneously from wherever the sender is located, while simultaneously being recorded in back office systems," says Farley.

The company announced the appointment of Mike Farley, who has served as President and CEO since the company’s formation in March. "I am thrilled to be a member of the great team EdgeWorks, Inc. has assembled," said Farley. "Industry research indicates wireless development is poised to grow exponentially over the next several years, and EdgeWorks, Inc. is ideally positioned to address these development and staffing needs in the government and commercial sectors on a worldwide scale. The company’s knowledge of government contracting operations gives it a sustainable competitive advantage that will be difficult for competitors to emulate."

Mr. Farley has an extensive background in Internet business case development, research, and product launches, specializing in technology-driven business strategies. Previous experience includes contracting as an Internet product champion at TRW for the Department of Treasury, where he was responsible for overseeing the development, testing, sales, marketing, implementation, and profit and loss of various product lines. As Internet product manager for Teleglobe Business Solutions, his responsibilities included tactical and strategic planning for broadband and value-added services (DSL, dedicated Internet, dial-up Internet, Web hosting, ASP). Farley also worked for two years at America Online in the legal and operations security departments and for one year at an Internet startup (TrialNet, a profit-generating entity) where he was responsible for Sales & Marketing. He has over 12 years' experience with federal government agencies, having served in various technical and intelligence roles.

Farley served with distinction in the U.S. Navy in security and electrician roles for four years (during the Gulf War) and as an Intelligence officer in the Maryland Army National Guard (1/158 CAV (Recon)) for six years. As a staff officer, his squadron was awarded numerous commendations, designated the Army's most combat ready unit of the reserve components, and proclaimed "Unit of the Year" by Salute magazine.

Mike holds a BS in Business Management from the University of Maryland and a Masters of Business Administration (concentrations in finance and international business, candidate Jan. 2002) from George Mason University.

About EdgeWorks, Inc.

EdgeWorks, Inc. is a leader in wireless applications and forms software development that increases efficiency, productivity, and end-user satisfaction in today's mobile enterprise workforce and government agencies. The company also provides outsourced staffing solutions focused on hi-tech and wireless services. EdgeWorks, Inc. identifies and customizes applicable forms to maximize wireless (handheld device) compatibility. As a wireless ASP (WASP), professional services automation (PSA), mobile middleware, and managed hosting of wireless applications services are offered.

Sales forces, mobile office users, and government agencies benefit from the wireless and staffing solutions.

EdgeWorks, Inc. leverages current infrastructure and enterprise software to increase return on investment, sustain competitive advantages, and maximize efficiencies by providing wireless access to critical data that resides on front and back-end systems. For more information about EdgeWorks, Inc., please visit the company website at





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